Mama on a Mission

Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) and becoming a minimalist have more in common than I initially realized. My husband has taken on the role as the provider for our family and I have chosen to stay home with our daughter. We transferred my savings and his money into one account: whats his is mine, and mine is his. But before our daughter was born, it wasn’t like that. Not even after we got married. I’ve always had MY money where I could do as I please. And believe me, I did. Clothes, accessories, makeup, home decor, and stuff that I really didn’t need.

It began to pile up. Eventually I was running out of places for the things I thought I needed. I started shoving stuff under our bed, into containers and into storage, into the garage (which was a cluttered mess), and not to mention all of my belongings that were still at my parents that I never retrieved after I graduated high school. I was overwhelmed. But I never truly grasped the severity of our clutter until we moved 3 weeks after our daughter was born. Packing was bad, but unpacking containers I haven’t gone through in years made me rethink my entire life process. A month and a half later I had to pack up everything and move again to where we are living now. To a smaller house. With less space. And knowing in a year I’ll have to do it all over again (this house was just temporary) makes me sick to my stomach.

But I digress. Becoming a SAHM drastically changed my habits for the better. Knowing we only have one income to support us really has put everything into perspective. I think before I buy. Do I really need this? When will I use it and how many times? Do I truly benefit from having this? Do I already own something that could take its place? Game changer questions, y’all.

I’ve realized that I don’t need much to be comfortable. I can live without A LOT! Now I’m beginning to see all the material possessions we own that we can do without. The overwhelming amount of stuff has taken over our home and our lives.

I want to be the kind of person who only owns things that bring value, joy, and beauty to my family’s lives. I want to learn how to cherish all that we have and appreciate that of which is around us. I don’t want to feel stressed and overwhelmed when I think about everything we own, instead I want to feel happy and blessed. This is what I will strive for, because I truly believe it will impact my life in such a positive way. ♡


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