Journey to Minimalism: Ch. 1

Today I delved deep into decluttering our home. I started with decor because I’ve kept every single piece since I was in high school and frankly, its all got to go! I kept ascetically pleasing pieces that I had a place for (probably can count all of them on both hands, chunked the chipped/broken/ugly things into a box and labeled it free, then placed all the other items in a container to price for our yard sale. DONE.

I could work my way through the house and tackle the kitchen next but I cringe at the thought of losing some of that stuff (except for the plates and glasses I’ll never use) because I like to consider myself a home chef, on a good day. I use about everything in there BUT its in desperate need of reducing so I’ll put my big girl pants on… but not right now. I’ll do my clothes.

Oh my closet. I recently broke one of my rules and bought new hangers: When I run out of hangers, start getting rid of stuff. But in my defense, I’ve lost quite a few from being broken over the past years. Although that’s no excuse for the lack of space in my over stuffed closet. I literally can not fit one more hanger in there. It’s sad.

I decided I’d first get rid of 10 items then work my way up. Creating a small goal and then repeating several times makes the process a lot easier. Imagine trying to get rid of 50 articles of clothing all at once..

1. First I grabbed everything I haven’t worn in ages (1 year+). Usually when I’ve done this in the past,  I hesitate and ask myself “what if I need to wear this one day?” I blocked that thought process out this time. If I don’t want to wear it now, I’m not going to want to wear it later. I reached 10 fairly quickly.

2. Next I pulled all the things that don’t fit my style anymore.. I’m a 26 yr old mom, I’m not wearing something you’d catch a 21 yr old strutting around town in. My closet needs represent who I am not who I’ve been.

3. Once I was done chunking those out, I started on clothes that don’t fit anymore. Seriously, I can’t believe how many dresses I’ve held on to that have shrunk. As if I could miraculously fix them or something. *eye roll*

I could probably go back and do a second round of getting rid of stuff but I think for now I’ll work on the hundred of DVDs we have and convince my husband to jump on this bandwagon with me. Wish me luck!


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