Declutter Block

I was hoping this day wouldn’t come. The day where I aimlessly stare at everything we own and have serious doubts about me becoming a minimalist.

Oh but I so desperately need it.

I slowly feel my motivation slipping away with every room I stand in. The rooms that are overfilled with stuff that we “need”. Why can’t I just get rid of it?! Why is that small stapler so imortant to keep? Or the small handmixer even though my sweet husband bought me a kitchenaid for Christmas. Or the 8 belts I kept even though I hardly ever wear belts anymore.

I need a new game plan. Because the one I have is seriously flawed.

Today I’m going to dedicate myself to ONE area and really focus on the value of each and every item. No more skimming through and picking out the things that scream get rid of me. With each one I’m going to ask myself how bad do I need this. If I got rid of it, would I miss it next month. Or am I holding on to this for a “just in case” situation. And always stick with my gut.. when in doubt, throw it out.

First.. those 8 belts!


2 thoughts on “Declutter Block

  1. Try identifying what you truly love and need rather than what you think you could get rid of. Once you know what you want to keep get rid of everything else 🙂 If you’re nervous about decluttering & regretting it you could box it all up and store it away for a month and see if you have to get whatever it is you need out of the boxes. Chances are you won’t! It might give you the final push to declutter it. Hope that helps! 🙂

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