So long, coffee! 

Let me first start off by saying how much I loathe tea and love coffee. I could be that black drink’s spokesperson, I’m so fond of it. But Saturday, that all changed. 

For the past few months my self-esteem has taken a turn for the worst (because let’s be real, looking like I’m 3 months pregnant most of the day isn’t my idea of sexy). One day I was on Facebook and one of the fitness pages I follow was talking about TeaMi tea, specifically their skinny blend. The person goes on to tak about the benefits this tea possesses. And there it was, between cravings and energy, that word that’s been controlling my life… ‘bloating’. 

At first I was a bit standoffish, mainly because I breastfeed and I have to be careful about what I put in my body. Come to my surprise the tea I needed was pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly
 and I was sold. Uh, where have you been these past few months?! 

I’m 6 days in and already considering permanently replacing my coffee with Teami tea. This comes as a huge shock to myself and those around me. 

My whole outlook on coffee vs. tea has completely changed. I didn’t realize how weighed down coffee made me feel and how short the boost was until I started drinking Teami. Even with a teething baby who gets up almost every hour during the night, I have more energy now than I have in a long time. Before, I was so exhausted, even with coffee. I dreaded doing anything, even playing with my daughter. How awful is that?! Im only consuming 35% of the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee and that makes my heart so so happy because that’s less caffeine in my breastmilk. But the best part is that unlike coffee, I have yet to have a mid day crash where I’m desperate for another fix. As if it’s some kind of drug that I can’t get enough of. With the tea, I’m smooth sailing all day. I didn’t realize how toxic coffee was for me till now. My life has changed for the better. 

I want to share the wealth because EVERYONE deserves to feel in control of their body. Check out Teami Blends and pick which tea your body needs then use my code JESSICA612 for $$ off! ☕️🍃♡ 

It’s time to detox our lives. Whether it’s with material things, people, or what we put in our body. Because once we find the toxicity, we can finally enjoy the small things in life (like being more active in my daughters life). 

So long, coffee! 


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