Decluttering the Negativity 

The battle of letting go of the hurt and pain that this world lays upon us is hard. The bad is so easily consumed and hard to let go. Our mind begins to fill up with unnecessary thoughts, our judgment begins to fade into cloudiness, and our attitude and temperament are jeopardized. 

Lately, my life has been overrun with all the negatives and I’ve noticed myself changing. But it took a earth shattering phone call in the middle of the night to bring me to my senses. We are faced with obstacles everyday, whether they be big or small. Those obstacles can be life changing, but how we choose to hold on to these situations can be detrimental. 

I need to sit down, create 3 piles and  declutter the file cabinet inside my head. 

Keep, toss, and give away. 

Keep all that gives value to my life. Toss anything that doesn’t define my life. Give away all that I can’t change to God so I can better my life. 

4:00 am was an eye opening moment. I found myself reevaluating everything. And to anyone who is going through a hard season right now or in the future, please, do not give in to the negativity. Life is good. God is good. Declutter your mind and open it up for all that is wonderful. Harboring hate and pain will only consume your happiness more. 

Your struggles and your pain, they do not define you or your path. But the devil wants them to. he wants you to hold on to that pain and forget about all the good in your life. he wants it to consume your every waking second of your day. he wants to show God that he can turn anyone away from Him. Our pain, hurt, insecurities, and struggles; that’s where the devil lies. he’s waiting there for us with open arms and he does everything in his power to keep us there. he whispers in your ear that this is God’s doing. We are rattling our brains 24/7 to understand why things happen, and the devil keeps telling us to keep searching, that we’ll find it and it will bring us peace. It will not bring us peace. The Lord will bring us peace. 

This life we live, here on earth, is filled with so much pain and heartache. This is the devils playground. he takes from us and passes the blame to God. Our pain brings the devil joy. When we’re happy, he will find a way to take it from us. he finds his way through the smallest cracks and dwells on our unhappiness. he wants us to live a life of sin, a life where God is not welcome. But God will protect us. He will take our pain that this earth has caused, and he will replace it with peace, love, and strength. We have to be willing for him to do that. We have to be willing to let go of what we cannot change, and let Him change it for us. It won’t go back to the way it was, but He will make sure it’s assembled into something much more. We have to be patient. And that’s so hard. 

You’re going to ask why and shout to the rooftops how unfair this life is. It’s so unfair. But this pain and negativity you feel, it will be molded into something you will use to become the person you were created to be. This struggle is now being crafted by the best craftsman I know. Crafted in to something you will use to clear the pathway in front of you. 

This life you live, its hard, and God knew that. But He was not going to leave you ill equipped.

So please join me in decluttering our minds, letting go of the weight this world makes us carry, and creating more space for the things that bring us joy. 


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