Filling your cup back up

When we choose to live a minimalist lifestyle, we talk about all the things we’ve removed from our home and lives, all the space we have, and how we’ve decluttered every thing we could get our hands on. But what few talk about is the things we replace all that unwanted and unnecessary clutter with. Because that’s basically what our goal is in the end, to free up space and time for more of the meaningful stuff.

I’ve focused so much on removing things from my life that I forgot to think of the things I need more of. 

I made an unexpected, and quick, trip to my hometown this weekend and it was exactly what the heart needed. You underestimate the power of family until there’s distance between you and them. 

Although it was a quick trip, I was able to see family I haven’t seen in almost a year, I sat back and watched my husband enjoy his time with them, and everyone soaked in all the cuteness from our daughter. 

There wasn’t a schedule or a plan. We didn’t need to be anywhere, besides home that evening. There were friends I wanted to see and some places I wanted to go but they were below my needs at that time. We freed all our time for family, his and mine (perks of being high school sweethearts). This is the first time I was so relaxed in what we did. Usually I’d try to fit EVERYTHING in the short amount of time we had. But since I’ve taken on the role of a minimalist (in training), my outlook on life has changed.

You enjoy more when you do less.

This could not be more true. We arrived home that night after a long trip back and I felt refreshed, my life felt refreshed. 

You don’t win a medal for doing the most, and you definitely have fewer meaningful moments when you’ve let so much take over your time. In essence, I’ve decluttered my time in my hometown for things that bring the most value to my life right now… family. I can squeeze everyone else in when we celebrate our sweet daughters birthday in 3 months *cue the tears*

But for now, my cup is full and I am happy. 


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