The Pennyless Playhouse 

While watching my daughter play in an Amazon box that was just delivered, I had flashbacks as a child of “transforming” boxes into whatever my imagination and heart desired. This is where my urge to create something for my sweet girl came in to play. It’s been so long since I’ve tapped in to my creative side that I immediately jumped into crafting a playhouse fit for a princess. 

Initially I planned on only making a roof, cutting out a door and a few windows, then calling it a day. Perhaps it was the prolonged absence of making “art” or maybe it was the perfectionist inside me telling me you’re only done till your satisfied, but I couldn’t get myself to follow through with my initial plan. 

Go big of go home.

Once the roof was shaped and taped, I started “painting” with scrapbook paper because no one wants to live in a cardboard colored house. 

I hated the fact there was an opening at the top so I constructed a piece using cuttings from the roof to cover the hole. I left one side unattached to create a flap, because why not.

By this time my daughter has already woken up from her nap and I’m scrambling to pick up my mess and take it to the dining room table. There I began drawing out the door and windows then went out in search for our sharpest knife. Cutting was surprisingly the easiest part of this whole thing. 

I used scrap cardboard to make shutters and flower pots for the window seals then glued in some fake flowers I had stashed for a future arrangement. Once those were glued into the correct spots I began covering the rest of the house with paper.

I probably (definitely) spent more time on this than I should have. A 4 hour project easily turned into an all day event thanks to our needy and very nosey princess. But getting the chance to be crafty, especially with my daughter in mind, makes my heart happy. Also, I’m hoping this will save us a little money, which is ALWAYS a plus. 


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